Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Shoulder Pain Its Causes and Treatment

Shoulder pain is the common problem nowadays. Most of the people and youngster facing this problem. A Shoulder gets an injury is many works such as playing games. Any kind of injury in your shoulder creates a negative impact and you may face severe pain. There are many common causes of shoulder pain such as 

• Arthritis
• Instability
• Tendon inflammation or tendon damage
• Bone wear
• Torn Cartilage
• Swelling in bursa sacs 

Treatment options for the shoulder pain includes are:

Simple stretching and exercise

Simple stretching and exercise are the main treatment of the shoulder pain. You should do regular exercise and simple stretching at least 30-40 minutes daily. This is very helpful to maintain your health. 


Massage plays an important role to reduce your shoulder pain. This is very beneficial for your health and improves your blood flow. You should do regular massage twice a day.


If you face too much pain in your shoulder then you take pain killer this will reduce your pain temporary but don’t take regularly this is very harmful to your health.


Surgery is one of the best options. If anyone suffering from the shoulder pain problem then you can go with shoulder pain treatment in India

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