Wednesday, 1 March 2017

The Increasing Arthritis Problems

Different treatments in India have been provided including free physiotherapy, check-ups, and surgeries. Total knee replacement Punjab has seen more patients going in for this procedure in a move to remove all possible pain. The treatments, experts, and equipment are all available but we need to take proactive action. There are more than 190 rheumatic conditions and diseases that affect people today in joints, knees, shoulders, ankles and so on. These are identified with stiffness, aching, pain and swelling of the joints.

Arthritis and Us

It should be noted that the risk of these problems increases with an increase in age but they are more common in women. Today’s lifestyles are to be blamed with the most causes of this problem. These include obesity, genetic factors, smoking, and depression. This is why most youths are falling victims.

Exercising is recommendable for eliminating arthritis pain but in some cases, there are reported failures of this method. This is because the problem may be advanced hence causing physical inactiveness.

Regular check-ups are recommended in order to detect any problem with the bones.
Physical exercising should also be part of one’s daily activity.
Driving and riding responsibly is a major responsibility for all citizens so as to eradicate
The orthopedic department has dedicated more efforts in the cause to reduce arthritis problems in people especially the youths through promoting public awareness and sensitization of masses. With this, we hope to eradicate musculoskeletal problems among ourselves.

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